Virtual Events withLondon Filmed

London Filmed is an event media specialist with vast experience of broadcast and live streaming. This makes us the perfect partner to help facilitate the LIVE element of your virtual event.

Our experienced team will guide you through the process end-to-end and help educate you throughout your virtual event journey.

We’ve partnered with a number of virtual platforms and can offer an unbiased view on which platform will work best.

We leave nothing to chance and offer a technical rehearsal as part of our service to help prepare speakers. Our mission is to help curate a truly unique production for your virtual event!

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How Virtual Events can outperform Live Events

Virtual Event Production

There are a number of moving parts in any virtual event workflow which you will see in the video below.
Live production is what brings it all together which we’re well equipped to help you with.

Our Process

We offer a range of Virtual event production options to help you stand out from your competition. Our service offering is unique in that we will work with what works best for you, your speakers and attendees. Whether you’re wanting to host speakers through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. Or looking to stream through Vimeo, Youtube or Facebook we’ve got you covered. If you’re unsure what’s going to work best, we can help take that off your plate!


We’re here to help support you every step of the way, with a free 30-min virtual event production consultation where we deep dive into your event objectives. We work backwards from there to help you consider a number of options that deliver your event goals.

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for in terms of production for your virtual event we can go ahead and start the project build. This involves using your event branding, speaker information and digital assets. Using these we create holding slides, start/end slates, speaker templates, lower thirds and musical interludes. When we bring all of these elements together with smooth transitions your event looks and feels like a TV broadcast. You can see examples of these in the gallery further down the page.


As part of our service, we offer virtual event technical briefings leading up to the event to bring the event organisers up to speed. We brief speakers on a one to many basis or session by session depending on the amount of planning time we have ahead of the event. A technical rehearsal with event managers helps us show your team exactly what we’ll be looking to deliver on the day of the event. This also gives us and your team an opportunity to make any final adjustments to the project build.

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We offer a free virtual event production consultation to understand your virtual event, business and most importantly your goals. We’ll then use all that information to create a bespoke quote tailored to you and your event.

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We love all things digital, even our proposals. The team send over an interactive digital proposal, that includes a breakdown of the quote that you can view, edit and share online. Once all parties are happy with the details we’ll get planning.

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Once we have sign-off we can get started with the project build, asset creation, technical briefings, rehearsals and finalise the virtual event workflow which ideally we’d like 2-4-weeks for.

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On the virtual event day, we start getting set up a couple of hours ahead of going live. We ensure that we have everything in place to ensure the smooth running of your event. We encourage speakers to arrive 10-20-mins before their slot so we have time to do final checks and put them at ease ahead of going live.

Virtual Event Packages

2-Hour Event or less

Short Day Virtual Event
  • Virtual Event Production
  • Project Build
  • Tech Briefing
  • Remote Production Studio
  • Live Stream Producer

Up to 4-Hour Event

Half Day Virtual Event
  • Virtual Event Production
  • Project Build
  • Tech Briefing
  • Remote Production Studio
  • Live Stream Producer

Up to 8-Hour Event

FullDay Virtual Event
  • Virtual Event Production
  • Project Build
  • Tech Briefing
  • Remote Production Studio
  • Live Stream Producer

Intro Animation Gallery

Virtual Event Gallery

Check out the digital assets below that we created to add production value for our client’s Virtual Events.

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Why Work With London Filmed?


We’re trusted to deliver time and time again by big and small brands alike. Our professional team live and breathe event media and are committed to making your event truly unforgettable.


No matter how large or small the event, we will always deliver high quality media. We’ll work with you to create event media that you’re proud of and continues to deliver, long after the event is over.


We understand that things can change quickly in the world of events. That’s why we’re hands on during every phase of planning so we can be flexible and adapt quickly and easily to suit your needs.

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