London Filmed is the future of event filming, streaming and video production solutions for:

Organising events in the ‘20s and beyond means bringing people together… and together apart. All sorts of innovative digital and physical elements components can be combined in endless variation, adding more possibility but also more complexity than ever before.

London Filmed simplifies the complicated, technical and overwhelming stuff, freeing you up to do your thing and focus on how best to enhance your sponsor, attendee and speaker experience.

  • Video That Makes Connections

    You might be planning a large live event. Or, you might be arranging a smaller hybrid event and facilitating the filming of virtual pre-records. We’ve got all the different forms of content you need in the can, including:

    • Animations
    • Graphic Design
    • Hybrid events bring in both live & pre-produced content
    • Interactive virtual event components
    • Pre-recorded talks with high production values
    • Social media presence
    • Streaming

    Trust us for unforgettable event content for your      live or remote audiences.

  • Event Filming & Live Streaming

    Whoever your audience, we’ve got a proven track record of creating completely unique event experiences your audiences won’t forget.

    It can feel like a mission impossible when you don’t know where to start. But, it’s all good. It’s second nature to us at London Filmed. It’s what we live and breathe.

    London Filmed has a special knack of combining beautifully shot and edited event footage, grounded in our understanding of the brand narrative and audience trends.


Hybrid and Virtual Add-Ons

With the nuts and bolts out of the way, introducing virtual elements to your event will take it to a whole new level.





Virtual Event Elements

Physical and remote filming of speaker presentations, panels and fireside chats.

For intros, case study videos and explainer content to name a few.

In a venue, a filming studio or an office.

Blog | Hybrid Event

Deliver memorable events whilst prioritising attendee safety. Our versatile studio makes it simple to pivot between virtual, hybrid and live solutions for any event type.


Intro and outro films and editing, stings, animated transitions and animated explainers.

Why We’re More Than Your Event Filming Supplier

We’re not just tech wizards. We’re a support team to help you realise your event vision.

We understand the demands that evolving event legislation and technologies make on event professionals. It can be really tough going.


We don’t just hide behind cameras. We get stuck in with all the streamlining help you need:

Making creative decisions

Creating mood boards


Stylistic exploration

You’re putting your content in our hands and we want you to feel assured throughout the process.


Get in touch for a discovery call or meeting to help us understand your event, your business and your goals. We’ll then create a bespoke proposal based on exactly what you need for your event.


Get in touch for a discovery call or meeting to help us understand your event, your business and your goals. We’ll then create a bespoke proposal based on exactly what you need for your event.


We’ll liaise and organise logistics with your venue or location, plus any other relevant suppliers, freeing your time to spend on other parts of your event.

We don’t rest till everything is completely wrapped up. Your virtual, hybrid or live event filming requirements will likely need different levels of post-event editing and retouching. Post-production work will be completed and delivered within a pre-agreed timeframe, as soon as possible after your event, (because we know you can’t wait to see it).

Why do event planners love working with London Filmed?

We’re trusted to deliver time and time again by big and small brands alike.


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