Event Filming

In an increasingly digital world, videos have become one of the most effective ways to showcase events. Whether it’s a highlight reel of the best moments or a brilliant thought leadership talk, through the combination of cinematic visuals and a strong narrative, our event filming team will always deliver outstanding videos. We’ll understand your objectives and work with you to create a video that you’re proud to share.


Event Photography

Photography is in the London Filmed DNA. We understand events and our award-winning photographers are committed to finding the best light and the perfect shots, all without you realising they’re there. Our brilliant editing team will then use top notch editing technology to enhance, edit, and retouch your images. You’ll then receive your final images within 48 hours of the event, so you can relive all your favourite moments.


Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great way to extend the reach of your event, from conferences to launch parties. Our technical live stream team will ensure your set-up is correct for the delivery of your live video and advise you on the most suitable channels for your audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, live streaming is a great way to increase brand authenticity and audience engagement.


Virtual Reality

Let’s face it, virtual reality is cool and it’s brilliant content at events, but it also has a host of added benefits from enhancing learning to aiding relaxation. We have a large catalogue of pre-set experiences including games, meditation and travel to choose from, or work with our team to create a customised, branded virtual reality experience that will really get your guests talking.

Content Strategy | London Filmed

Content Strategy

Successful event media isn’t just a video or a selection of imagery. We understand that content needs to keep delivering, long after the event is over. That’s why we’ll help you build a winning content strategy for your event. Our marketing experts will advise you on pre-event, in-event and post-event strategies that will showcase your brilliant content in the very best way so it connects, resonates and converts.


Further Services

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re experienced in creating branded content, recruitment videos, animation and more. Explore our other services and check out our creative sister agency, Habitual Media for all your production needs. We like to think everything is possible and we just love a creative brief too, so get in touch today and we’ll create something bespoke.