London Filmed for Award Events

Award events are all about sharing and celebrating achievements in your industry, business or profession. We can capture the buzz and emotions of your ceremony through our event media services. Our specialist crew will ensure the best highlights are captured and produced into high-impact retrospective videos. We can also capture the emotions of the night through on the spot Vox-pop interview. Our professional photographers are also on hand to make sure a moment is never missed through high-quality photographs.


Details are important. We carefully plan and organise around your event to capture the best footage possible.

Outside the Box

We think outside the box. Adapting to your event needs through a flexible and agile approach embedded into our event media processes.


We create stories. Cinematic filming combined with a narrative based approach in post production means storytelling is infused into all the content we produce.

Award Event Filming

Award Event Photography

Case Study

  • The International Wine & Spirits Competition has been running for 40+ years with entrants from over 80 countries worldwide. After producing a brand video for the opening of the Award Ceremony, IWSC asked us to cover the whole event.
  • Our brief included capturing highlights, keynote speakers and award winners alongside the stunning venue and atmosphere of the evening. Our crew decided on a 3-camera set up with a roaming camera, fixed cameras and Steadicams.
  • The results were stunning multiple outputs of the award ceremony. We coupled cinematic shots with energetic production to deliver award-worthy highlight videos, on the spot Vox-Pop interviews and more. Our interviews with award winners were also used on the IWSC website.