Don’t be fooled! Just because everyone has hit the pause button on life for a couple of months doesn’t mean you should not be updating & informing your audience. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, according to a Global Web Index report 80% of consumers in the UK and U.S say they’re consuming more content since the outbreak. No surprise really given people have more time to kill! 

That said, you do need to consider what’s key before rushing into a project during this time. Now is a great time to reflect, think about your brand’s strategy and build engaging ideas around content that matters to your audience. Let that be the guiding point for your concepts.

Personally, I’ve been watching Bon Appetit on YouTube, a food magazine owned by Conde Nast. All of their chefs have been sent home with microphones that plug into their phones along with a tripod they can balance on their kitchen counters. A director joins the chefs on Zoom and guides them through the process of shooting a video while they’re stuck at home. Virtual Directing at its finest! Bon Appetit chose to air their “shot at home” content even though they had 6-8 weeks worth of content ready in the pipeline. This decision was made as Bon Appetit’s head of programming Matt Duckor says in this article that “not creating content that feels reflective of that felt like it would be a huge disservice to our fans”. 

At London Filmed, we’ve been thinking about how we can help conquer any woes or confusion you might have about creating content at home right now surrounding how best to get content out right now, from home. Events aren’t currently taking place in the UK, so our cameras and on-set team are not much use to you, however, we can help you create meaningful and engaging content that can work during Covid-19 and beyond.

We can offer our expertise with:

  • Self-shooting at home
  • Remote directing
  • Equipment delivery
  • Webcam content: interviews, presentations

Once this content is shot, the editing team will receive your footage to our WFH offices, and will begin piecing together your self-shot clips to create videos for use across social media.


Now might not be the time to be putting out event highlight videos and running campaigns. However, by making use of virtual directing techniques, you can create your own content relevant to the needs of today. Thus, keeping your audience interested and engaged with your band during this uncertain time.