Making A Venue Look Awesome: Strawberry Hill House

At London Filmed, there is nothing we love more than making a venue look awesome. I mean sure we are in the event filming industry, but we really do love what we do. Today we are going to walk you through how we make venues look good or in the case of Strawberry Hill House – more awesome!


With the rise of digital, the world is fast becoming image orientated. The importance of having clear, well shot, high-quality images and videos can’t be underestimated. All you have to do is take a look at the explosive growth of image sharing platforms like Instagram, which has doubled its user base to 700 million monthly active users in only 2 years. It is clear that consumers are shifting towards video and images as their main sources of information.

First Impressions Count

So all this being said, does your venue have a digital profile? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes (and it should be) then you are doing your venue a disservice. We will walk you through how to showcase and market your venue so that any potential customers will be wow’d at first sight. First impressions count, and your potential customers are going to go online first. Knowing this, they should easily be able to find your venue details and how it looks with ease. Venue-tech has also become pretty popular.  With venue-hire platforms like HireSpace rolling out across major cities, how you showcase your venue online is super important to a digital audience.

Air B’n’B: What We Can Learn

In real life, your venue is probably perfect. Strawberry Hill House is a stunning example of this. Our crew was amazed at the natural, untouched beauty surrounding Strawberry Hill, not to mention the jaw-dropping interior. But once again, in the age of digital, this beauty must be packaged and shown to an online audience. The classic founder’s story of Air B’n’B is a great example which shows the importance of this point. Believe it or not, Air B’n’B were not making any money for the first 2 years. The founders decided to take a trip to NY (their biggest market) and discovered one crucial problem with the listings. The pictures on most of the listings were poor, to put it politely. They took the initiative to buy camera’s and go door-to-door to take much better pictures of the listings. Soon after their visit, they had 10,000 registered users and 2,500 listings. Moral of the story, first impressions count. Having high-quality images made the world of difference, and turned them into the multi-billion dollar company they are today.

Stand Out: Details (and Planning) Are Important

So, back to the main topic. How to best showcase your venue in a digital age, the first questions you have to ask …what makes my venue stand out? For this particular case, the 18th Century Gothic architecture and pristine estate surroundings of Strawberry Hill make it ideal for grand events such as weddings. With that in mind, the crew went to work finding out all of the quirks and designs that will highlight the venue’s uniqueness. It is essential to have a walk through the venue to properly plan where and what to shoot. Make notes of all of your priority shots for the venue and yes…prioritise these. Planning is once again important if you want to tell a story through the filming and photography.


The crew spent an hour touring the venue, taking note of small details such as unique decor and artwork that will really make the venue stand out. Bovingdons who work with a number of iconic venues across London, dressed the rooms, lay the tables and lit the space in a Wedding setting which was key in order to best showcase the beautiful space. Small things can make a huge difference to the right person. Light all the candles and bring out all the stops, this is your chance to make your venue shine!


For the individual rooms, the crew strategically set out the best angles for shooting. We started with high-quality shots at the entrances to make rooms look bigger. Lighting is crucial, to catch the best light we shoot with windows behind us, nothing beats great natural lighting. An important note, avoid shooting into direct sunlight as this will leave your digital assets overexposed. If that is the case, you can always swing the footage by our production team and get it properly edited.

Your Venue In Motion: Bringing It To Life

So you have got all of the filming out of the way, now it’s time for us to create a stunning venue walkthrough video. This will really make you stand out from the crowd, especially considering how important video is to an online audience. Video will account for around 80% of internet traffic, with Brits spending an average of 53 minutes a day watching digital video. Taking advantage of this trend will set you apart from the pack. The London Filmed crew took note of Strawberry Hill House’s sense of mystery, heritage, and glamour to create a stunning video showcase that would make any bride swoon. Having a well shot, edited and produced video is essential to really bring your venue to life and capturing your audience’s attention. Here are a few key insights for bringing Strawberry Hill to life from Jackson, our Head of Production:


  • Showing the venue in motion: With different moving perspectives, your venue can be brought to life. Presenting the venue in a cinematic way can communicate a sense of space, depth, lighting.
  • Creating a sense of awe through discovery: We used a camera slider and a gimbal to give an ethereal revealing quality to the footage as if the audience were discovering it themselves for the first time.
  • Portraying Character: Filming the important details of the venue, such as decor and artwork gives more character to the venue.


There you have it. We have shown you why it is important to really bring your venue into the digital age through excellent images and videos. The rise and dominance of digital content mean that consumers are expecting this at a minimum. First impressions count, so don’t cut corners when investing in your venue photography and filming. Not only will it increase your ROI, but also boost your brand’s value.

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