Live Streaming – how can it help event organisers, planners & venues?

There’s no hiding that the last couple of weeks have been a difficult time for the event’s industry. Wherever you look you’re going to find news on the virus and it’s becoming incredibly difficult to separate the real news from the fake news. As a company, we’re staying informed by referring to the event’s industry council which contains links to a number of key resources.

Through all this news it was positive to see the editor of Conference News and Martin Fullard of Mash Media giving an interview on the BBC. Martin asked for calmness and noted a number of potential workarounds for events. One of which was live-streaming. Reading the City AM on Friday during my tube ride into work, the theatre industry was front-page flagging the disruption which the virus is causing and a potential workaround – live-streaming!

Given its mention on the BBC and City AM, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide further details on live-streaming & how it could help the event’s industry. So, why is now the right time to deploy live-streaming as a medium to your event mix?

Let’s break it down…

What is it?

In its simplest form live-streaming is the broadcasting of live video to an audience over the internet. This can be done through a number of platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. Away from social platforms, you can also stream across dedicated web-pages for internal comms.

Why use it?

Live-streaming has a number of benefits such as increasing attendance, building a social gathering and increasing brand authenticity. Given the current travel limitations, you can supplement the physical audience with a virtual audience. If attendees have already purchased tickets for the event, a live-streaming link can be provided for the main stage for example. This would mean they could still soak up key content in real-time while also asking questions.

What’s the cost?

We have 3 different packages at London Filmed: 

  1. Basic – small to medium events, simple set-up with single-channel i.e. just YouTube.  
  2. Standard – medium to large, complex set-up with multi-camera angles, presentation slides and streamed to multiple channels.
  3. Premium – in line with the standard package but allows for 2 ways interaction and enhanced graphics. 


Pricing starts from £1.5k but the cost really depends on complexity, set-up and what the venue/studio already has at its disposal. It’s important a site visit is carried out to fully scope out the most appropriate option for you.

If you feel this is something your event could benefit from during this turbulent period, please feel free to reach out via the details below, or via of contact form.


T: 020 7470 9252