Modern Corporate Events: #EventLab

On a beautiful and crisp Friday morning, the London Filmed crew went to 58VE – a newly built events space for the first session of #EventLab powered by Hire Space. Hire Space was founded in 2012 and is the leading venue marketplace in the UK. They power EventLAB which offers insights, opportunities and inspiration through exciting speaker programmes and interactive networking sessions. It has been a pleasure so far to work with such an exciting and dynamic company.

 The Speakers

The session was held for those in the corporate events industry, with event managers and organisers present, the session focused on Modern Events: How to capture your audience whilst remaining compliance friendly’. The session was lead by an excellent panel discussing the balance between compliance and entertainment at corporate events. See below for the list of panellists:

  • KPMG – Charlotte Sanctuary, Consultant and Former Director​
  • DTB Sports And Events – Dominic Titchener-Barrett, Founder & CEO​
  • LIFTD – Gareth Dimelow, Founder and Creative Strategist​
  • Top Banana – Louise Goalen, Chair, HBAA and Head of Venues


Key Takeaways (Short)

  1. Compliance – Know the Bribery Act when organising corporate hospitality.
  2. Communication – Building personal relationships with attendees, how you communicate beforehand, during and after an event was also a key point.
  3. Personalisation – Knowing what the client likes and what they want to achieve from being at your event is so important.
  4. Tech – The very human nature of events means that tech has to be used in the right way, to enhance an experience rather than replace it.
  5. ROI – ROI within events is also aligned with brand exposure or relationship building which is difficult to quantify.

Filming Setup

We arrived at 8:30 am to get everything set up, with the team in good spirit after a sun-kissed walk along the Thames to get to the venue. The session was held on the bottom floor of 58VE, so we had a quick look round to determine the best angles for coverage. The crew set up two cameras to capture the intro on the podium which was on the right side of the room and the panellists on the left. After a quick mic and camera check, we were ready to go. The first task was to capture the tasty breakfast networking session, with a variety of beautiful pots provided by Harbour And Jones. There was enough time to take a variety of pre-talk shots, with the guests engaged and mingling with one another, capturing dynamic shots was easy.


After breakfast and networking, the panel discussion began. Some great insights were provided by all of the hosts, but we were particularly impressed by Gareth Dimelow’s passionate take on embracing technology. For key takeaways of the session including compliance, personalisation and more check out the Hire Space blog and stay tuned for the full talk which is now available.

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