Making The Most Of Your Event

At London Filmed we are all about maximising event value through content creation. Whether it’s for remarketing your next occasion with a highlight video or using event photography in your social media – we believe that creating content is key.

The energy, time and money put into organising a successful event can’t be understated. They always require an investment, which is why making the most of your event is important. In this blog, we will walk you through a recent event we covered with True and how our team helped them achieve greater value from their budget. True is Europe’s leading sector-specialist innovation and investment firm. They invest in disruptive technologies, products, businesses and teams. Find out more about what they do here.

Your Event: A Content Goldmine

True’s annual Innovation Showcase was a ‘Dragons Den’ style event, which brought together investors, portfolio companies and entrepreneurs. Events are a melting pot of interesting people, all in one place! This has the potential for superb content. Taking full advantage of this opportunity and maximising your content potential requires strategic planning and smart production (visit our event content strategy page for more info). With the venue confirmed, our team planned a site visit to understand the opportunities for content creation. Our brief centred around event filming, with the aim of capturing the event, innovation pitches and speakers.

Event Highlight Videos

Event highlight videos are the most popular type of outputs we create for clients. Highlight videos sit at the core of promotional material for events and are a great way to ignite FOMO (fear of missing out). They are usually between 1 to 2 minutes long and should give a visual roundup of what the day was all about. For True’s Innovation Showcase, our team aimed to create a strong narrative by interviewing thought leaders who attended. We supported this using cinematic footage of them interacting with various stakeholders on the day. The result was a strong 2-minute highlight video which gives viewers a sense of the importance of the topics and themes covered within the event. Whilst highlight videos are great for general purposes, making the most of your day doesn’t have to end here.

Recording Pitches For Investors

It’s important to remember that not everyone will be able to make the day in person. Whilst we usually recommend setting up a live video feed, the pricing involved may not be suitable for all budgets. In True’s case, we wanted to capture the entrepreneurs’ pitches for investors who couldn’t attend the live show. Our solution was to dedicate a 2-camera setup to capture the pitches. Most venues that we work with usually have an in-house AV team. We established communication ahead of the day to deal with the AV team directly. Not only does this take the technical headache away from the client, it guarantees that we receive the necessary audio outputs on the day. We combined visual and audio outputs with graphical elements of the speaker’s presentation slides in post-production. The result was a crisp 50-minute video, capturing all of the pitches along with important information for investors to view in their own time.

Event Photography Collage | London Filmed

Using Interviews As Supporting Content:

True’s innovation showcase brought together a selection of industry-wide experts, investors and innovators. We saw this as a great opportunity to capture some high-quality one-on-one interview footage. It’s vitally important to be able to control sound when conducting controlled interviews to ensure that the soundbites can be used in a variety of forms. Many clients overlook this when opting for the traditional ‘on the spot’ Vox-Pop interviews. A pre-planned venue visit came in handy for our team to decide on the interview setup. We identified a quiet meeting room close to the event which we used. We created a distinct backdrop using lights and organised the interview schedule based on the event agenda. For the final outputs, we applied elements of True’s visual branding in post-production to give interview footage a professional and consistent feel. Interviews are great way to maximise your event budget. They can be used in your event highlight video, giving your event narrative more depth in regards to storytelling. More importantly, stand-alone interviews can be used as ‘Supporting Content’  to supplement your main video as part of a wider event content strategy.

Event Photography Collage | London Filmed

We hope this blog has helped you think more about how you can maximise the value of your events through content. No matter how big or small, thinking of it in terms of ‘content potential’ is a good framework for getting more value for your money. In the case of True, we managed to capture their fantastic occasion through a highlight video and create a good selection of video content that serves a purpose after the day is finished.

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