I promised myself I’d start writing more content during 2020, so here we go…

Our story so far

Here at London Filmed, we have worked as a traditional agency, focusing on events specifically, achieving strong traction and growth. It’s clear that while we operate in a digital society, experiences and F2F time is super important to us and our clients.

As a company we are still only at the tip of the iceberg, in 2019 we covered ~150 events predominantly across London. All different shapes & sizes, from ½ day through to 5 days, across our core products of video, photography & live streaming (we also made movements into VR). Crew sizes varied from 1 person right through to 15 people, using both our core in-house team and wider (carefully vetted) freelancer network. 

During 2019 we welcomed onboard numerous new clients including; Tableau, GitLab, Autodesk, Booking.com and Tote Sport to name a few while continuing to develop relationships with familiar faces; Hire Space, Cineworld, Tech Nation and Uber


(A concise overview, I know!)


2020 Onwards! 

The plan is clear, to evolve and scale, whilst developing our people & keeping the levels of customer service above board. Easy!

Scaling across the UK, Europe & US is firmly on the agenda as we open up UK Filmed Ltd, the holding company for a London Filmed and Manchester Filmed (next on the hit list). We’ve already booked business in New York and Amsterdam while signing a service agreement with a multinational company that has -100 offices worldwide.

While we don’t have all the answers, we know London Filmed needs to evolve & move away from the ‘traditional agency model’ to a contemporary and creative media platform. We’re keen to maintain a core in-house team, while embracing tech so our clients have a central platform to purchase, communicate & take delivery of digital assets. This will streamline the overall process, reducing cost, time & most importantly emails! 


A short snippet of what to look out for. Thanks for reading.


Get In Touch 

Feedback or advice? Drop me an email if you’d like to find out more or if you’re in the events industry & you’ve scaled a business let’s chat!


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