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  • Overview

  • Workflow: Zoom > YouTube > Hopin
  • Date of event: 23/24.03.21
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Company: The Alan Turing Institute
  • Speakers: 80 speakers
  • Attendees : Approx. 1000 people per day
  • Virtual Event Platform: Hopin
  • Client Review

    A quick note to say thank you SO much to everyone behind the scenes at London Filmed for both the proactive work that’s been put in over the last few months, and the reactive work over the last two days.

    Will Cunliffe, Events & Marketing Coordinator, The Alan Turing Institute

  • Introduction

In December 2020, the UK’s national institute for data science and AI, The Alan Turing Institute, approached London Filmed to help host their two-day virtual conference, AI UK. This would showcase the best of UK academic work in artificial intelligence; bringing together leading thinkers, innovative businesses and specialist third sector bodies.

The exclusive event connected UK academics working in AI with research users from industry, commerce, and government to discuss, learn and facilitate new UK AI collaborations. 

The event showcased an exciting array of state-of-the-art AI and ML and increased awareness and ways to engage in the Turing Institute.

  • Challenges

    • The event was to be presented across 2 streams on each day 
    • Large volume of speakers to prepare, many presenting slides
    • MC who had to manage two streams and multiple sessions
    • Large and complex agenda 
    • Needed a highly professional result whilst speakers streamed from their homes 
    • Needed to incorporate pre-recorded content, presentations, live material and audience interaction
  • Solutions

    • Vast and detailed speaker preparation over six 30 min sessions 
    • External project management tools to allow open communication between parties, tech briefings with all speakers, script reviews and full event tech rehearsals to agree verbal cues for content & speaker transitions.
    • Dedicated project management over 2 months of a team of 5 made up of a Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Editor, 3 x Live Stream Engineers and 2 x Live Floor Managers 
    • Custom design work following brand guidelines to create digital assets and also facilitated custom animated ‘stings’ between sessions
    • Ability to host both pre-recorded + live material through the platform as well as Q+A through Slido 
  • Result

    London Filmed delivered a high-quality design aesthetic, multi-streamed 2-day virtual conference to an audience of over 1000.

  • Review

    It was a high-profile event with over 80 speakers so the expectation was high, but we prepared well and had done multiple rehearsals with the speakers and tested the tech stack rigorously which is crucial for events like this.

    Tom Mahon – Co-Founder London Filmed.

  • Client Feedback

    Joanna Stacey

    Head of Events and Engagement at The Alan Turing Institute 

    The feedback from both delegates and colleagues alike has been overwhelmingly positive, and that’s in no small part due to the well-oiled machine backstage.

    Second, absolutely fantastic delivery. Thank you all so very much.

    Dan Whitfield 

    Just a little personal note of appreciation from me for a job well done. 

    As the person responsible for live streaming usually it was so helpful to have a team to provide the streaming solution for this event with so much going on concurrently. You did a great job and I’m very personally very pleased with how everything went, a great result reflecting on reaching out to your company via email all those months ago!