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  • Overview

  • Workflow: Zoom > Vimeo > Sparkle
  • Date of event: 26/05/21
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Company: PA Consulting
  • Speakers: Live Presenters, Sponsored Judges & Winning School Teams
  • Attendees: 400
  • Virtual Event Platform: SparkleVerse

Around the start of 2021, PA Consulting approached London Filmed with a mission to help create a fully immersive, day-long awards ceremony for their annual PA Raspberry Pi school coding competition, that sets the children aged 8-18 a STEM-based challenge.

Typically, PA Consulting hosts their awards show in-person, inviting a cohort of schoolchildren, teachers, mentors, and judges – allowing invitees the chance to network and discuss their competition experience. Whilst Covid-19 rules are still in play, PA decided to take to the virtual stage instead. For them, creating a shared experience was top of the priority list; they wanted the schoolchildren and judges to feel as if they were all there together, to chat and discuss each other’s inventions – replicating the same networking experience as if it were a live event.

PA wanted a fully customisable platform, therefore London Filmed reached out to the team at SparkleVerse. A virtual and hybrid event platform famous for creating immersive and interactive experiences, notably bringing the Burning Man festival online in 2020 and again this year. 

The multi-faceted brief was given with a 3-month deadline, which sounds a lot, but considering the sheer scale of this project was a mean feat. One element of the project was working with our talented illustrator to create a custom virtual ‘world’ to be uploaded to the Sparkle platform. The idea of this was to act as a central hub for the attendees to explore, with various zones for showcasing the inventions in video form, networking spaces, a sponsor zone in collaboration with Nationwide, a judges zone and a main stage arena in which the live-streamed ceremony would take place. All of these zones required custom illustration and animation, which really brought it to life. Beyond the building of the Sparkleverse world, London Filmed were tasked with recording, editing and animating pre-recorded video content which was to be played throughout the PA event. This content was made up of pre-recorded interviews with children from multiple school districts and 4 age groups totaling 16 videos. The children explained their projects and our editing team cut down the content into snappier, highlight reel videos to showcase the children’s inventions. London Filmed created bespoke animation for each age group which followed the branding of the event and virtual world. This pre-recorded content aids in making virtual and hybrid events feel more dynamic and digitally focussed.

  • Challenges

    • Needed a platform that kept the audience engaged for the whole day
    • Wanted live hosts incorporated into the event’s awards ceremony whilst abiding by Covid-19 regulations
    • Needed to showcase sponsor support from Nationwide
    • Needed the audience to have the ability to interact with each other throughout the day
    • Wanted a space where the judges could network and discuss the entries with the children
    • Needed custom design work for the event
    • Needed recordings for each school team’s entry video for the finalists’ gallery to showcase at the event
    • Needed promotional video content, social media content, marketing materials, as well as content to show
  • Solutions

    • The impressive Sparkle universe/PA ‘world’ was detailed and interactive enough to keep the attendees fully immersed, coupled with a well thought-out agenda which kept the guests moving around the different zones throughout the day
    • London Filmed used a professional green-screen studio to live-stream hosts Georgie Barratt and Frazer Bennett during the awards ceremony – socially distanced of course!
    • Worked closely with Nationwide to create a logic puzzle game as an interactive zone at the event
    • Attendees selected custom profile pictures and engaged in live chat features, whilst also having the opportunity to enter virtual networking tables for focused conversations
    • After having the opportunity to view each team’s work in the Youtube-linked Finalists Gallery zone, judges would invite each group into private networking spaces to discuss their inventions. Judges and children could also join tables in the Networking Zone
    • London Filmed created custom illustrations to use across the ‘world’, giving a truly immersive and engaging experience
    • London Filmed conducted interviews with the school children, after supplying them with professional recording equipment to produce quality footage to then edit and animate, before uploading to Youtube and linking to the Finalists’ Gallery zone at the event
    • London Filmed team combined animated elements and video content to produce exciting promotional and conclusive material


  • Result

    Overall, London Filmed coordinated both PA and Sparkle teams to create a truly creative virtual event experience. Feedback from attendees was hugely positive, with guests commenting how immersive and engaging the entire event was, providing ample opportunities to network, learn, and be inspired. As there were a lot of moving parts to this multi-faceted project, heavy communication was paramount in its success which was felt across the board from all involved.