Building for 2022 & beyond

It’s safe to say that through 2021 the events industry evolved again! It marked another rollercoaster year for London Filmed, in which we executed 160+ events, added 5 new people…

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5 Fatal Fails Of Streaming Live Events (+ How To Avoid Them)

 As a business leader, a sub-par delivery for a live streaming event is an enormous failure. No one likes a glitchy and choppy broadcast. Considering that 74% of UK businesses…

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Hybrid Horrors: 5 Venue Factors To Avoid

As the events industry starts to grind back into gear and after months out of action, venues will be keen to sell their services. With so many facilities to choose from, and many…

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How To Choose A Venue For A Hybrid Event: 5 Things To Look For

Wondering what to look for when choosing a venue for your hybrid event? This handy checklist will help set you up for success.

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10 Tips To Increase Engagement At Your Virtual Event

Here are 10 ways to increase engagement at virtual events that every organizer should know...

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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Hosting Events For Your Business

Hosting Events come in lots of different shapes and sizes, from parties to conferences, for 15 people or 500. But how can events work for your business? Here are five reasons why…

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How Much Does Event Filming Cost?

Videos are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to capture events. With the rise of social media and increasing appetite for visual content, it’s always a good idea to video…

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