London Filmed Talk Event Tech With Glisser

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..and 10 other questions in 20 mins. London Filmed's Co-Founder chats with Glisser's Vanessa Lovatt and Nardos Abraham about the world of virtual and…

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Hybrid Events | Mixer

Hybrid Horrors: 5 Venue Factors To Avoid

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As the events industry starts to grind back into gear and after months out of action, venues will be keen to sell their services. With so many…

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Blog | Green Screen

Using A Green Screen At A Hybrid Event: Everything You Need To Know

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Wondering how to use a green screen at your next virtual or hybrid event? Read on to learn 5 ways a green screen can get your audience closer to the…

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Blog | Hybrid Event

How To Choose A Venue For A Hybrid Event: 5 Things To Look For

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Wondering what to look for when choosing a venue for your hybrid event? This handy checklist will help set you up for success.

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Blog | How To Choose A Virtual Event Platform: 5 Key Questions To Ask

How To Choose A Virtual Event Platform: 5 Key Questions To Ask

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Virtual events are here to stay. As vaccination rolls out and the pandemic’s grip on the events industry begins to loosen, their physical…

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Blog | A Day Shooting Dogs, Mogs and Sprogs

A Day Shooting Dogs, Mogs and Sprogs

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IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) is the largest community for self-employed people in the UK.

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Blog | 10 tips to increase engagement at your virtual event

10 Tips To Increase Engagement At Your Virtual Event

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Here are 10 ways to increase engagement at virtual events that every organizer should know...

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Blog | 2020 The Year Virtual Events Went Mainstream

Virtual Events: 2020 – The Year They Went Mainstream

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Happy New Year! Entering 2021, we reflect on the monumental changes seen in the events industry over the last year. As live events adapted, virtual…

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How virtual events can outperform live events

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Held across the weekend of the 13th-14th June 2020, EAGx was the first time The Centre for Effective Altruism had taken a conference completely…

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