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5 Creative Ways to Use VR at Your Events

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Virtual reality (VR) has been one of 2017’s major technological breakthroughs, in terms of design advances and how the public in general are embracing it, so it’s no wonder that more businesses than ever are looking to see what VR can do for them. We’ll be honest, we’re total VR geeks!

We love how everytime someone steps in the virtual world, they are blown away. As well as being engaging and an effective method of communication, it also has the power to create plenty of interest and enthusiasm at events... and there’s SO MUCH variety available in terms of what you can offer.

If you’re looking for some VR-inspiration, here are 4 different ways you can use VR at your events.

Learning & Education

VR is a fantastic idea for an education-based event. Studies have actually found that education which includes an interactive element is more successful than those that do not, with the immersive atmosphere of VR offering a much more relatable learning experience. If you are planning seminars, courses or simply want to transform an existing education setting, your students can really benefit from the excitement of virtual reality!

Take people to different locations, let them build things or take them back in and really step into someone's shoes.

Presentations and Pitches

Take the use of visual aids one step further with VR for a truly unforgettable presentation. Visual appeal is key if you want people to stay switched on when you’re presenting.

What’s even more exciting is that VR opens up to the door to ‘borderless presenting’ through the use of green screen technology to give speeches remotely. This opens up a host of options for speakers who are in high demand and simply can’t be everywhere at once. Audiences can watch a VR presentation either through headsets or on the big screen, and they can even be livestreamed to a remote location, providing the opportunity for international networks to take part in the same event, as Samsung have done previously.

Sports & Entertainment

The best thing about VR is that it doesn’t have to be serious, so you can really go to town creating a whole host of fun-themed activities! Between watching movies in panoramic to taking part in Halloween zombie hunt games, there are so many options for kicking back and having fun with VR. From product launches and parties to independent film premieres, virtual reality entertainment is sure to make your next event one to remember!

Team Building

VR is really breathing new life into workplace team building activities. An interesting article from Forbes revealed that a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during team building is easier to establish with activities that are unique and just outside of people’s comfort zones, and VR activities tick both of these boxes.

VR-based team building activities offer a new, interesting and enjoyable way for staff to co-operate, problem solve and test their communication and leadership skills, and you can be sure it’s one that won’t soon be forgotten any time soon.

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